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Flip Folders, lyres, reeds, etc  

Flip folders will be provided for the students

Students are responsible for having their instrumtent in good working order BEFORE the first day of camp

Students are responsible for having reeds, valve oil, trombone slide lubricant, and a lyre (the thing that holds the flip folders)

We will not provide reeds or other accessories. that is your responsibility.

Band fees 2017  


Food Fee                                                          50.00

T-shirt and Polo                                              40.00 (est)

Uniform Pants                                                 40.00 (est)

Shirt                                                                 25.00 (est)

Vest                                                                 40.00 (est)

Shoes                                                               30.00 (est)


Total (if you have to have everything)         225.00

Winter / Spring Activities 17-18  

December 14, 2017 - Holiday Concert 7PM, venue to be announced

March 15, 2018 - Spring Concert 7PM, venue to be announced

March 19-23, 2018 - Majorette tryouts -practice M-Th, 3:00 -4:30, Tryouts Fri, 3/23, 4PM

Percussion / Majorette Camp - June 4-8, 2018,  8-11:30 AM 



music for fall 2017 and listening links  

Music for Fall 2017


Title                                            jw pepper number


Fight Song                                  2317048



Celebration                                2473917

Great Ball of Fire                              


Eye of The Tiger                          104457                                   Stand Tunes

Crazy In Love



Push It                                     10445720



Ice Ice Baby                                       Traditional

Go Big Red                                        things we play

Jump on It                                           each year

War Chant     


Hip Hop Stand Tunes

Hey Song


T.R. (S.L.)                                                      




Old Time R&R                                      2473917                  Opener                                              

25 or 6 to 4                                       10273893                  Production

Sir Duke                                                                                 Percussion Solo

Largo from New World Sym              10032466                  (Tribute to past directors)

Already Gone                                    10445673                  Closer




Alma Mater                                        2477662                                                                   

Amazing Grace        

Star Spangled Banner


   Go to  and put the number in the search bar.





information for 2017-2018 band  

May 2017


4th        End of Year Concert.  MS and HS bands. 7pm, in the gym.

            approx. 45 min. Call time for all students is 6:30 pm.



8-12    scale pass offs for all new and returning members, during class and after

            until we are finished.  Mon: Flutes, Alto Saxes, Tues:  Clarinets, Ten Sx,

            Wed: Tpts and Mellos, Thurs: All low brass, Fri: officer elections,

            announcement of  section leaders




Things you should know:


1.  To be in the band, you MUST be scheduled for the class.


2.  There will be NO sharing of band class with other classes. This means

      if you want to be in band, and have a conflict with another class,  say,

      Basket Weaving 101, then you will have to choose which one you want to

      be in. No exceptions.


3.   You are required to be at the following:  any percussion or majorette camp,

      both weeks of summer band camp, and Thursday night rehearsals. An occasional

      missed day is reviewed on a case by case basis.  Entire weeks are not acceptable. If you

      are involved with work or other activities that will prevent this, you need to

      re-assess your priorities, and go with whatever you want to do.  We cannot

      make a show work unless you are here. “Swiss Cheese” rehearsals (full of

      holes) are futile, unproductive, and unfair to those who are here all the time.



       BAND CAMP.




















June 5-8, 8-11:30, 1- 4:30, and June 9, 8-11:30

            ALL Percussion and Majorette Line. (Feature Twirler optional)


July 17th

            7:30 – 11:00  Full Band

            1:30 – 4:00    Section Leaders and Officers

            5:30 – 8:00    Full Band


July 18th

            Full Band, same times as above

            Afternoon session:    All Brass Instruments


July 19th

            Full Band, same times

            Afternoon session:    All Woodwinds


July 20th

            Full Band, same times

            Afternoon:      Percussion


July 21st

            Full Band, Morning Session Only

            Afternoon:      Brass and Woodwinds Only


July 24th

            Full Band, both morning and evening sessions

            Afternoon:      Percussion


July 25th

            Full Band, morning and evening

            Afternoon:      Brass


July 26th

            Full Band, morning and evening

            Afternoon:      Woodwinds


July 27th

            Full Band, ALL SESSIONS!!!


July 28th

            FULL BAND, PICTURE DAY! END OF CAMP!!!!!!!




Thursday night rehearsals, 6:30 – 8:30 (mandatory)


            Aug: 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31

            Sept:  7, 14, 21, and 28

            Oct:   5, 12,19,and 26


Failure to attend Thursday night rehearsals may result in you NOT marching that week.  You will be standing on the goal line at attention during the show.



Football Schedule and other “special performances”


* At away games, if your PARENT wishes to take you home with them after

   the game, THEY will be able to sign you out at the buses after we finish

   all loading, etc.  YOUR PARENT must sign you out, no one else.  Abuse of

   this privilege will result in this option to be rescinded.


** On game days, the bandroom will NOT be open until 45 minutes until the

   students are to report.  Students are NOT to be on campus until this time.                       

   No offense, but we do not run an afternoon day care.


*** Report times will be announced on Monday of each game.



Sept. 1           Rehobeth                 Home

Sept. 8           Providence              Home

Sept. 15         Geneva                      Away

Sept. 22         Daleville                    Away

Sept. 29         Dale County             Away

Oct. 6             Opp                            Home

Oct. 13           Wicksburg                Home

Oct. 20           Houston Acad.        Away

Oct. 27           Straughn                  Home (Homecoming)

Nov. 2            Genenva Co.            Away   (Thursday night game)





2017-18 Drum Major and Majorettes  

Drum Major:  Kassidy Wayland



Breanna Branch

Lacy Killingsworth

Ava Williams

Emma Martin


Corner Bottom Corner Bottom