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Afternoon carline procedures
Posted On:
Saturday, August 02, 2014

To ensure the safety of the students at Slocomb High School, please follow these procedures.  The carline will follow the same route as last year, but the first car will stop in front of the gym.  Each car should pull up as far as they can to keep the line as short as possible. Students will wait on the sidewalk until their ride arrives and will load the car from the sidewalk only.  Students should not be walking across the parking lot unless they are driving or riding with a student driver.  Hopefully by lengthening the carline we will have fewer cars backed up into the road. This may also alleviate the need for the side-by-side lines of cars. This is part of an ongoing process to improve the parking and carline procedures at our school.  As always, we appreciate your help and understanding during this transition time.

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