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Welcome to SHS Jr. High Quiz Bowl!

 Due to a lack of funds, student motivation, and time demands, there is no current Scholars Bowl Organization.  :(  Hopefully, we will be able to begin another in the future.

Quiz Bowl is a sport for the BRAIN!  This interdisciplinary organization provides an opportunity for students to think "outside of the box", test the extent of their knowledge, in a competitive format with each other and other schools by answering questions related to all areas of the curriculum.  Students' recall, critical thinking, and problem solving skills will be tested by these questions.  Quiz Bowl is quite an awesome extra-curricular activity to be involved in and one that will look very intriguing on future scholarship applications. :)

Practices will be held weekly.  These practices are necessary for students to develop quick thinking and teamwork that they will need for competitions.  Any student who has an overall average of 90 or above and who is interested in Quiz Bowl may participate as long as they agree to show up to one practice per week.  If you are unable to make it to a practice, you need to call or check with a sponsor the day prior to practice, stating the reason.  This rule should allow these students to still participate without a penalty.  This will count as "excused".  A team member with three unexcused absences during a 9 week period will not be allowed to try out for a competition unless the club votes them permission.  However, only those that have physically shown for practices will be allowed to try out for an upcoming competition.  Through physical participation, students learn to work together, which will help them to reach their goals in competition.   

*I will let you know when there will be a competition for which you need to try out.  Some competitions will be against other members, grade against grade, students against teachers, or school against school online. 

          See "Files" section for Trivia Links...

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