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Alicia Hales

Junior High BASIC

Jr. B.A.S.I.C.

Junior High BASIC meets the fourth Thursday of every month.  The meeting time is 10:45 am-11:15 am.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC) is designed to allow students the freedom to meet together and experience God and His Word.  Students fellowship and maintain a relationship with God and with one another.  Members encourage and build up one another as they discuss devotions, testimonies, and songs of praise.  Through monthly meetings, members will spend time worshiping God, praying for each other, and learning about the Bible while having some fun.  Through this fellowship, members can truly become Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

--Jr. BASIC Council

Officers and Council for 2012-2013

President:  Kendall Grimes

Vice President:  Leslie Byrd

Secretary:  Amy Woodham

Reporter:  Shelby Hargrave

Music Director:  Zane Hales

Outreach Minister:  Jessie Williford


Breanna Branch, Cameron Cotton, Jarrett Hagler, and Corteland Quattlebaum

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